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More than just great tea

Our purpose has evolved from a simple wish to directly source a range of unique and high quality Chinese teas, to a desire to modernise Chinese tea culture and share it with the rest of the world. We want to ensure tea remains relevant to current and future generations so that these traditions continue to survive and thrive for decades to come. 

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Tea tips and Stories

4 Great Tea and Mooncake Pairings to celebrate the Moon Festival

The general theme for the tea and mooncake pairings this year was "harmony". Given the occasion – the Mid-Autumn / Moon Festival being a time of family reunion and harmony, we figured that would be our guiding principle to judge if a pairing worked or not. And we're happy to report that it did!

Seasoning your Yixing zisha teapot

Before using your Yixing zisha pot, it's best that you season it first. Because these teapots are unglazed, they tend to have a clay-like aroma attached to them that can have unwanted effects on the tea that you’re brewing. Seasoning the pot will remove this effect and will allow you to start brewing better tea.

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