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Teas the Season to be Jolly

As we inch closer to Christmas, there are certain smells and tastes that immediately make us think of the holidays. For some, the sweet and spicy Christmas pudding is the quintessential flavour of Christmas. Or maybe it's a great big glazed ham, or roast turkey. Or if you're in Australia where it's summer down under, it's all about seafood and summer fruits like peaches, nectarines, maybe even lychees. Whatever your signature flavours of Christmas may be, there's bound to be a tea that matches. Here's a list of a few teas that we think are perfectly suited to the silly season.


While for most, Christmas-time evokes memories of snow and everyone gathering around a fireplace, for us in the southern hemisphere, it's all summer, heat and beach-vibes. And the following teas make for the perfect summertime drink, especially when Cold Brewed.

White Peony (White Tea) and Misty Pine (Green Tea)

Light, vibrant and refreshing, nothing screams a fresh spring or summer like a White Peony White tea or a Misty Pine Green tea. Lighter on the flavour spectrum, these teas would go well with any Christmas seafood feast. 

Phoenix Honey Orchid (Oolong Tea) and Honey Orchid Red (Red/Black Tea)
Or, take it up a notch in the flavour department with the Phoenix Honey Orchid and Honey Orchid Red teas. The sweet, fruity, lychee flavours of these teas are sure to evoke memories of a hot summer's day and match any fruit platter at Christmas lunch. I can't emphasise this enough – these two teas make the ULTIMATE COLD BREW. You get this lovely, sweet, fruity, lychee flavoured drink, with almost no bitterness that's super refreshing. We've yet to meet anyone that wasn't blown away by these teas cold brewed.

Cold Brew any of these ahead of time for a delicious, ready-to-go drink that's sure to impress the folks at your Christmas feast.


For the more typical Christmas vibes, something a little more warming, with slight hints of spice are in order.

Smokey Lapsang Souchong 2013 (Red/Black Tea)

This tea evokes feelings of sitting and gathering around a campfire or the fireplace. With flavour notes of dried fruits and a slight, zingy sourness that hits the back of the tongue, this is one tea that if you take a sip and close your eyes, you'd think you're in a more typical, northern hemisphere Christmas setting.

Notorious DHP and Stone Orchid (Rock Oolong Teas)

Continuing the spice route, Rock Oolongs such as Notorious DHP (aka Da Hong Pao) and Stone Orchid (aka Qi Lan) are just as cozy and will warm you up in all the right spots. With light roasted and notes of spice, these teas are perfect for if you want to evoke feelings of a warm, cozy Christmas in winter.


Christmas is the one time of the year you're allowed to go all out and eat like there's no tomorrow. Ham, turkey with all the trimmings, roast potatoes, an abundance of prawns – suffice to say, we all tend to feel a little full and bloated after the big Christmas feast. And if we don't can we really say that we celebrate Christmas at all then?

Full Metal Ripe 2012 and Tuo 2008 (Ripe Pu'erh Tea)

For such occasions, one requires a good digestif to help it all go down and settle the stomach. Enter Ripe Pu'erh tea. This dark, rich, earthy style of fermented tea is thick and smooth in texture. It's low on caffeine (though not completely devoid of it), helps relaxes you and makes for the perfect tea to have during or after meals.


Boxing Day, or, the morning after Christmas. It's a day of leftovers, cleaning up and all around recovering from what's been another big festive season. And you're going to need something to perk you up, to give you a bit of a kick in the butt to get you going.

Ice Breaker 2019 and Concrete Jungle 2016 (Raw Pu'erh Tea)

Raw Pu'erh teas will get you there. Strong in flavour and somewhat bitter (in a good way), these Raw Pu'erhs are sure to wake you up and get you going for the day. I find these can be used instead of coffee to give you a bit of a kick to get you going in the morning, especially when brewed for longer and stronger.

Whatever teas you end up drinking, there's bound to be one to match any kind of Christmas you're going for. 

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