Tea Angle Tea Studio – Sydney tea shop
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The Tea Studio

Tea is life artwork


The Tea Angle tea studio is now officially open! It's been a lot of hard work and late nights but we're so excited to have finally hit this milestone in our tea journey. The studio is what we call our tea shop in Sydney and is our chance to better connect with tea lovers everywhere. A huge part of the tea experience for us is in the connection with other like-minded people and we hope that this space that we've created becomes a bit of a hub for tea lovers in Sydney (and the world over). 

Tea Angle Tea Counter


We offer tea tastings at the tea counter of our Sydney tea shop. Seatings are available on a walk-in basis or, you can reserve a time via this page. Tastings start from $25, and we go through a guided tasting of 3 teas. These sessions generally lasts around 1 - 1.5hours.

Tea Shop Hours & Location

218 Enmore Road,
Enmore, NSW, 2042
Monday – Friday:
By appointment
Saturday – Sunday:
11am – 6pm

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