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We see tea as a means of bringing people from different cultures and all walks of life together, to share our experiences and stories with one another without fear or judgement. Just a bunch of kind-hearted, friendly humans, gathering together to share a few laughs over tea.

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In the beginning...

Tea Angle began not long after co-founder Dawn moved to Australia in 2009. Finding it difficult to buy the type of quality, pure teas that she was used to drinking on a daily basis back home in China, she, along with husband and co-founder Matt decided that, if they couldn’t find what they were looking for, why not try and bring it in themselves?

This simple idea remained but a thought for years. During this time, both Dawn and Matt’s appreciation for fine Chinese tea grew, but the quality of the tea that they could find in Australia didn’t. After years of research (which mainly involved drinking bucket loads of tea) and, having gone on their first tea plantation trip to Chaozhou, China in 2014, in December later that year, our two heroes bit the bullet and launched online tea store


Originally specialising in Phoenix Dancong, a unique type of Oolong tea from the Chaozhou region in southern China, we have since branched out to include all types of tea from across China, from light white and green teas, to fruity and malty Red (Black) teas to punchy and earthy Pu’erh teas.

Our mission has evolved from a simple wish to directly source a range of unique and high quality Chinese teas, to a desire to modernise Chinese tea culture and make it fun, accessible and approachable for all. We want to ensure that tea remains relevant to current and future generations so that these traditions continue to survive, thrive and be enjoyed for decades to come.

 How our teas are sourced

Before selecting any type of tea to range, we like to travel to the regions of origin first in order to better understand the teas at their points of origin (back when it was much easier to do so). We develop relationships with producers and farmers to better understand the history and production methods of their teas, and to also get an understanding of what to look for when evaluating certain types of teas. We learn as much as we can about any specific type of tea, try a whole bunch of them and bring the ones we like back to Australia to share with other tea lovers.


You don’t know what you don’t know

Part of our goal with Tea Angle is to discover complex, and wonderful teas that are true reflections of their origins and share them with tea lovers all over the world. 

We work hard to develop our senses and taste for tea, sampling the good, the bad and the ugly in order to develop a more complete understanding of any particular type of tea, as well as the intent of the producer. This is so we can be confident that the teas we choose to offer tea lovers are unique and of a high standard.

Team Tea Angle

Dawn Liang – Co-Founder and Owner

The heart and soul of Tea Angle. A former banker, she threw away the routine of corporate life to pursue her passion for Chinese culture and tea. She’s the one responsible for developing relationships with all our tea suppliers and working tirelessly to discover all of the magnificent teas (and teaware) that we stock, and bring them over to our shores.

Matt Tran – Co-Founder and Owner

The one that ties things together and makes Tea Angle look good. With a background in graphic design, he’s responsible for spreading the good word to all the dedicated tea lovers out there in Australia (and all over the world).

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