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Quick Tea Studio Update

Our purpose here at Tea Angle is to make high quality Chinese tea accessible and available to everyone, everywhere. Starting off as an online business only, we decided in 2019 to open up a physical space – a tea studio – where we could meet and serve tea to other tea lovers. As we’ve seen over the last few years, despite all the convenience of virtual meetups and hang outs, nothing comes close to face-to-face interactions with other like-minded folks. 

Changes to our Guided Tea Tastings

Central to our studio experience has been our Guided Tea Tasting sessions. We’ve received a tonne of great feedback from those that have attended a session and are always looking for ways to improve the experience. 

We’ve updated the format of the Guided Tea Tastings with the following changes:

  • Each Guided Tea Tasting session will be run as a communal tea session at our tea counter, for up to 6 participants. When making a booking, you’ll be booking for a spot at the session
  • Two communal tea sessions will be run each day (Morning 10.30am – 12pm; Afternoon 2pm – 3.30pm)  
  • Collectively, we’ll all decide on what teas to try throughout the session. If unsure, we can make a few suggestions on where to start and can take it from there
  • Each session will last approx. 1.5hrs. An average of 3 – 4 teas are typically served at a session. 
  • All participants get 10% any tea or teaware purchased on the day of their Guided Tea Tasting
  • Light snacks will also be served at each session
  • Price will be $59pp

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Casual Tea Sessions

We also get that not everyone is able to dedicate 1.5hrs of their day to a tea experience. We get that sometimes, you just want a nice, relaxing spot to rest and chill for a bit before moving on to your next destination. We get it. Which is why we’ll now be offering Casual tea sessions – i.e. servings of individual teas – for yourself or to share at the studio. 

Click here for the latest tea menu


Workshops / Events

Occasionally, we’ll be holding specially themed or guest workshops / events at the studio. Sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date with what’s happening at the studio.


YouTube Channel

Did you know that we also have a YouTube channel dedicated to all things Chinese tea? Well we do. On the channel we’ll be sharing our thoughts on different teas, tea types, talk about the history and culture that surrounds Chinese tea and anything else that we can think of that’s related to tea. Check it out.

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