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Tea Tasting Sample Pack

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Product image 1Tea Tasting Sample Pack
Product image 2Tea Tasting Sample Pack
Product image 3Tea Tasting Sample Pack

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Sure, we could try and explain to you all of the qualities that we look for when sourcing our teas and how awesome they are. We could talk about the quality and feel of the dry leaves, the intoxicating aromas and flavours the teas produce, the texture, aftertaste etc. Or, you could simply taste them and judge for yourself. 

We've chosen teas from our core range that we think best represent, not only the main tea types out there, but also our philosophy and approach to tea. Each pack contains 10g of loose-leaf tea, enough to give you at least two solid gong-fu sessions per tea.


White Fang Jinggu Da Bai Cha | White Tea
Misty Pine Enshi Yu Lu | Green Tea
Rising Dawn Bai Ya Qi Lan | Oolong Tea
Jagged Little Leaf  Xing Ren Xiang | Dancong Oolong Tea
Stone Orchid Qi Lan | Rock Oolong Tea
Bamboo Forest Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong | Red/Black Tea
2022 Transcendence Sheng (Raw) Pu'erh 
2012 Full Metal Ripe Shou (Ripe) Pu'erh



All of the teas in this pack can be prepared in a teapot and are pretty forgiving. To get the most out of the leaves though, the best way to brew them would be using the Gong-fu brewing methodWe recommend using a greater leaf to water ratio, quicker steeps and brewing the tea at higher temperatures (approx. 93 degrees)However, all of these teas still tastes great when brewed in a teapot, western style.

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