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The Lonely Camel (Tuo Ling 駝鈴) 220ml

Zisha Teaware

Product image 1The Lonely Camel (Tuo Ling 駝鈴) 220ml
Product image 2The Lonely Camel (Tuo Ling 駝鈴) 220ml
Product image 3The Lonely Camel (Tuo Ling 駝鈴) 220ml
Product image 4The Lonely Camel (Tuo Ling 駝鈴) 220ml
Product image 5The Lonely Camel (Tuo Ling 駝鈴) 220ml
Product image 6The Lonely Camel (Tuo Ling 駝鈴) 220ml
Product image 7The Lonely Camel (Tuo Ling 駝鈴) 220ml

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Bonus 50g box of tea or, 50g of Pu'erh tea 
Let us know in the notes which tea you’d like to receive, or, we’d be happy to pick one for you. Either way, you’ll be getting an amazing tea to brew with your special new Zisha teapot. Promo ends Sun 18 Dec 2022


Capacity: Approx 220ml
Zisha Type: Di Cao Qing (底槽清)
Artist: Xiao Long Nü (小龍女)
Recommended tea: Raw Pu’er, Rolled Oolong tea (e.g. Golden Peony, Rising Dawn) and Black tea

A lonely camel wanders the desert. Step by step, over the scorching sand, the heat of the blazing sun beating down on his back, he walks, not knowing when his journey will end. Hanging off his neck, a bell rings with each step, its chime calling out for someone to hear. Yet only the howling winds of the desert return its call. And as the sun sets, the lonely camel wanders, unperturbed. Step by step, over the scorching sand, toward the horizon, never stopping until he reaches his final destination – home.

The “Lonely Camel” is an original teapot design from artist Xiao Long Nü. The body shape of this zisha teapot was inspired by a camel bell, with the lid representing a desert sunset. Partnering with a local etch artist, a scene from the Lonely Camel has been etched into one side of the teapot. 

The wide mouth of this zisha teapot makes it easy for large leaf varietals to be added to the teapot, and the larger-style body also gives plenty of room for the leaves to flutter and dance, creating a more even and balanced infusion. A large Zisha teapot, it suits the more communal gong-fu tea sessions, best shared amongst friends and family. Or just if you want more tea for yourself.

Usage and care:
Rinse and season the teapot before use. Here's a quick guide to show you how. As the clay is porous and teapot is unglazed, dedicate one tea type per pot (or if you wish to take it to the next level, dedicate only one tea per pot). Hand-wash only with water and NEVER EVER wash with soap or detergent. The last thing you want is soapy suds flavouring your next brew. 

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