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Tea and Cheese Pairing (April 2023)

Tea Angle

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Tea Angle Tea Studio
88 Addison Rd, 
Marrickville, NSW

Sunday, 23 April 2023
10.30am – 12.30pm


What's better than an event where you get to try a range of interesting high grade teas? An event where these teas are paired with a range of interesting, artisanal cheeses!

Join us for this Tea and Cheese pairing event where 5 different, high-grade teas from Yunnan will be paired with 5 different (and very interesting) artisan cheeses from around the world to create a series of exciting flavour explosions that you never knew were possible and a tasting experience you won't soon forget (OK, that may be a little hyperbolic but, these pairings definitely make for an interesting experience). 

Here's a sneak peak of the menu for the day:

1. Manchego (Hard, Sheep's Milk, Spain) x White Fang (White Tea, Yunnan)
2. Taleggio (Soft, Cow's Milk, Italy) x Transcendence 2022 (Raw Pu'erh, Yunnan)
3. Beaufort (Hard, Raw Cow's Milk, France) x Old Tree Red (Red/Black Tea, Yunnan)
4. Isle of Mull Cheddar (Hard, Raw Cow's Milk, Scotland) x Raw Bulang Brick 2014
(Raw Pu'erh, Yunnan)
5. Westcombe Cheddar (Hard, Cow's Milk, England) x Tuo 2008 (Ripe Pu'erh, Yunnan)

The event will be co-hosted with Rhys Little from Simon Johnson Quality Foods in Woolhara. A cheese fanatic, he'll be there to explain everything there is to know about all the different cheeses we'll be tasting on the day

Participants will also receive 10% off any tea or teaware purchased on the day.

Note: Limited seating available (maximum 8 ppl), bookings are essential. Cheeses served at the event are subject to change depending on availability. Some products are made from raw cow's milk and not suitable for those that are pregnant

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