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Taihu (120ml – 140ml)

Stoneware Clay

Product image 1Taihu (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 2Taihu (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 3Taihu (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 4Taihu (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 5Taihu (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 6Taihu (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 7Taihu (120ml – 140ml)

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Capacity: Approx 120ml – 140ml
Material: Raw ore, old rock clay
Artist: Luo Zhi Min 骆志敏

Taihu rocks are a rare, porous type of limestone. Taking inspiration from these intricately magnificent pieces, artist Luo Zhi Min has created Taihu, which features a decorative top that has been hand sculpted and shaped to resemble the complex structure of a Taihu rock.

Taihu rocks represent the cosmic mountain, a realm that exists between heaven and earth. The tea brewed in this gaiwan will take you on a journey to the cosmic mountain, ascending your mind and spirit to the borders of heaven, before bringing you gently back to the realities of life on earth. Or, maybe it’ll just brew you some scrumptiously delicious tea that you enjoy because you love the simple joys of gongfu tea brewing. Same thing if you ask us.

Pairs with the Lucid Teacup

Usage and care:
Glazed pots are suitable for all tea types. Simply rinse, or hand wash gently between uses. Mild detergent and a soft sponge are ok.

Note: Each gaiwan is hand made and unique, and may not be identical to the photographed item. Each gaiwan may be slightly different in colour tone, texture, size, and shape.

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