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Shi Piao (石瓢) 220ml

Zisha Teaware

Product image 1Shi Piao (石瓢) 220ml
Product image 2Shi Piao (石瓢) 220ml
Product image 3Shi Piao (石瓢) 220ml
Product image 4Shi Piao (石瓢) 220ml
Product image 5Shi Piao (石瓢) 220ml
Product image 6Shi Piao (石瓢) 220ml
Product image 7Shi Piao (石瓢) 220ml
Product image 8Shi Piao (石瓢) 220ml

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Capacity: Approx 220ml
Zisha Type: Zi Ni (紫泥)
Artist: Wu Xing Fen (吳行芬)
Recommended tea: Raw Pu'er, Strip Oolong tea (e.g. Phoenix Honey Orchid), Rolled Oolong tea (e.g. Tie Guan Yin, Golden Osmanthus, Rising Dawn)

A timelessly classic Zisha teapot design, the key characteristics of a Shi Piao (石瓢) design is the iconic flat, pyramid shaped body. This style is often used as a test to evaluate the skill and craftsmanship of up-and-coming Zisha artisans.

This particular Shi Piao teapot has a wider opening and also a slightly wider and rounder body. This makes it the perfect vessel to not only brew the typical small leaf varietals of Chinese teas but also larger leaf varietals as well that you often see in different Pu'erh and White teas.

With its larger size, this pot is perfect for larger gong-fu sessions with friends and family.

Usage and care:
Rinse and season the teapot before use. Here's a quick guide to show you how. As the clay is porous and teapot is unglazed, dedicate one tea type per pot (or if you wish to take it to the next level, dedicate only one tea per pot). Hand-wash only with water and NEVER EVER wash with soap or detergent. The last thing you want is soapy suds flavouring your next brew.

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