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Persimmon Dark (120ml – 140ml)

Stoneware Clay

Product image 1Persimmon Dark (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 2Persimmon Dark (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 3Persimmon Dark (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 4Persimmon Dark (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 5Persimmon Dark (120ml – 140ml)
Product image 6Persimmon Dark (120ml – 140ml)

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Capacity: Approx 120ml – 140ml
Material: Raw ore, old rock clay
Artist: Luo Zhi Min 骆志敏

Persimmons carry special meaning in Chinese culture. The phrase 事事如意 (shì shì rúyì) means “everything goes well.” A play on words of that phrase is 柿柿如意 – pronounced exactly the same, but the first two characters of the alternative phrase means “persimmon.” Hence persimmons are symbolic of good fortune and wishing that all will go according to your will.

Majoring in Sculpture during his university days, Luo Zhi Min pivoted to creating hand-made tea ware and tea accessories. His passion for sculpture remained however and is still a feature of much of his works. The expertly crafted, hand-sculpted persimmon that sits atop these gaiwan are an example of this.

Brewing tea with the Persimmon Gaiwan will bring you +1 luck and for the duration of the tea session, everything will be as you wish. Or it could simply be that you’re drinking good tea and well, life is good.

Also available in a light glaze.

Usage and care:
Glazed pots are suitable for all tea types. Simply rinse, or hand wash gently between uses. Mild detergent and a soft sponge are ok.

Note: Each gaiwan is hand made and unique, and may not be identical to the photographed item. Each gaiwan may be slightly different in colour tone, texture, size, and shape.

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