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Seriously Exquisite Phoenix Dancong Oolong Pack

Dancong Oolong

Product image 1Seriously Exquisite Phoenix Dancong Oolong Pack
Product image 2Seriously Exquisite Phoenix Dancong Oolong Pack
Product image 3Seriously Exquisite Phoenix Dancong Oolong Pack

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Type: Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea 
Origin: Wudong Mountain, Chao Zhou, China
Producer: Lin Zhuang Bo 
Eastern Sunrise (AKA Dong Fang Hong), Song Zhong, Wudong Honey Orchid

There are high grade and premium teas out there. And then there are some seriously, exquisite high grade premium teas. The Dancong Oolongs in this pack are examples of such teas. 

Superlatives aside, words fail to accurately describe the sensation one gets from sipping on these teas (though we still try). Hailing from the famous Wudong Mountain in Chao Zhou, these three teas are examples of what proper, high grade Dancongs are all about.

All three teas in the pack are processed using traditional methods, and finished with a charcoal bake that better brings out the natural sweetness and qualities of the teas. 


Eastern Sunrise (AKA Dong Fang Hong)

Named after the famous Maoist revolutionary song  東方紅 (East is Red), Eastern Sunrise is an incredibly fruity tea with rich minerality and a long, lingering sweet aftertaste. It's also an award-winning tea that took out the top spot this year in the Chao Zhou Dancong Farmers Tea Awards. This probably doesn't mean much to most people but, it's a competition that the local farmers take very seriously, and one where they only present the best teas that they produce for that year.

Song Zhong

While not quite as fruity or floral as what you'd typically expect from a Dancong Oolong, there is a deep aroma, minerality and strength to this tea that's unmatched. A truly unique and special style of Dancong Oolong tea.

Wudong Honey Orchid (AKA Wudong Mi Lan Xiang)

This particular Honey Orchid Dancong has all of the signature sweet and fruity flavour notes you'd expect, with added minerality and an aftertaste that you can only find in high-mountain, Dancong Oolong teas. 


The best way to enjoy these Dancong Oolong teas is using the traditional Gongfu brewing such as Gaiwan or Yixing tea pot. We recommend using a greater leaf to water ratio, quicker steeps and brewing the tea at higher temperatures (approx. 95 degrees)However, all of these teas still tastes great when brewed in a teapot, western style.

Gaiwan Gong-Fu style (preferred method)

Leaf weight 4g per 60 – 100ml of water
 93 – 95 degrees Celsius
 10 – 15 secs per infusion* (up to 8 infusions)

*First infusion is a quick 3 – 5 sec rinse and isn't drunk.


Oolong teapot Teapot steep

Leaf weight 5g per 300ml of water
Water temperature 93 – 95 degrees Celsius
Time 2.5 – 3mins (2 – 3 infusions)

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