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A Seriously Exquisite Dancong Oolong Tasting

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Dancong Oolong lovers rejoice! Fresh from our recent tea trip to the Phoenix Mountains in Chao Zhou, China, we've brought back a few rare and truly exquisite Dancong Oolong teas that we want to share with you all. 

Join us for this Dancong Oolong tasting event where 6 different, high-grade oolong teas from Chao Zhou will be served, with 3 being rare, high mountain Dancongs that won't be a part of our regular range. This may be the only time you get to taste these teas.

Here's a sneak peak of the tea menu for the day:

1. Phoenix Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Xiang) – our most popular oolong tea to kick off the event
2. Phoenix Dark Leaf (Xue Pian Da Wu Ye) – a winter season Dancong that's floral and aromatic
3. Jagged Little Leaf (Xing Ren Xiang) – a sweet new addition to our range
4. Peaches (Mi Tao Xiang) – the first of our rare and exquisite Dancongs
5. Song Zhong – this one is unlike any other you'll taste
6. Eastern Sunrise (Dong Fang Hong) – we'll save the best for last

Participants will also receive 10% off any tea or teaware purchased on the day.

Note: Limited seating available (maximum 8 ppl), bookings are essential. Light snacks will be served at the event but we also recommend having something to eat first before attending the event as we'll be drinking a lot of tea 

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