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What we look for

Tea ceremony

While our tea selection process isn’t overly scientific, we do look at a few aspects when deciding whether or not to add a tea to our collection. 

White teaFLAVOUR

Natural flavours, not the artificial, added essential oils kind. Quality loose-leaf tea, even subtle white teas should have a clear and clean flavour that is pleasant to drink and lingers on your palate.


Basically, it shouldn’t feel or taste like water. Real tea has great depth and the taste should match its aroma. Each sip should be satisfying and you shouldn’t be left wanting.


Great quality tea leaves a lingering aftertaste at the back of your throat with the aroma travelling through the sinuses. This creates a very pleasant and calming sensation.


Consistent leaf size and type is important for maintaining a consistent flavour throughout a brew. In general, we look for whole buds and leaves. With tea processing, it’s quite difficult to maintain whole, undamaged leaves and so as a rule of thumb, the more the leaves are in tact, the better the quality of tea.

Tea plantTERROIR

The characteristics of quality tea are not only dependent on the producer but also the terroir (i.e. environmental characteristics of the land) and the climate conditions. Much like wine production, every batch will have slightly different characteristics from the last. When you taste quality loose-leaf tea from a particular year or season, you taste the characteristics of that place in that moment in time. One of the most exciting aspects of tea is discovering the differences in taste and flavour the same type of tea will have across different years.

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