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Small-scale, Artisan Producers

Artisan tea producer

Most Chinese teas available outside of China are produced by large factories that care more about meeting demand as opposed to producing a great quality product. Dust and fanning for tea bags, low cost, quantity over quality.

Artisan produced teas are still cultivated, harvested and processed in remote rural areas of China. In fact, there are heaps and in most cases, they save the best quality products for themselves and only have the resources to sell and distribute to areas surrounding their villages or townships. These places are quite difficult to get to and every family has their own piece of land where they cultivate tea plants and their own methods of producing tea. Where does one begin their search?

Tea making

At Fat Chai Tea, our goal is to cut out the middleman and travel directly to these remote villages and townships to find the most remarkable teas available. We work with producers that really care about their products, personally testing and tasting them and bringing the teas we love back to Australia. By partnering with small-scale, artisan tea producers, we hope to open up a new, complex and exciting world of flavours and sensations.

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