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Phoenix Honey Orchid


Type: Oolong Tea

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Type: Oolong Tea
Origin: Phoenix Village, Chaozhou, Guangdong province, China

The area around Chaozhou city is famous for producing Dancong tea, a variety of Oolong that has approximately 18 different aroma sub-varieties, each with its own unique flavour and characteristics. Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Xiang) is the most popular type of Dancong Oolong tea.


A sweet and floral fragrance with flavour notes of lychee, vanilla and honey. A smooth texture and satisfying mouth-fill with a lingering sweet after taste, if brewed correctly, there is little to no bitterness or astringency to this tea. Whilst the tea tastes great with a standard teapot steep, it really benefits from brewing Gong-Fu style, with each infusion highlighting a different characteristic of the tea. The first infusion highlights its floral fragrance; the second and third highlights the lychee and stone fruit flavours. Subsequent infusions show off the honey-like sweetness and oolong flavour of the tea.


Gaiwan Gong-Fu style (preferred method)

Leaf weight 5g per 60 – 100ml of water
 95 degrees Celsius
 10 secs per infusion* (up to 10 infusions)

*First infusion is a quick 3 – 5 sec rinse and isn't drunk.


Oolong teapot Teapot steep

Leaf weight 5g per 300ml of water
Water temperature 95 degrees Celsius
Time 3mins

Cold brew Cold Brew

Leaf weight 5g per 500ml of water
Water temperature Cold water
Time 8hrs in the fridge


Proper tea storage is super important. Improper storage leads to flat, flavourless and potentially weird tasting tea. So as a rule of thumb, keep your tea leaves in an airtight container (the less air inside the better) and away from heat, light, moisture and strong odours.

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