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Philosophy Teapot (120ml)


Product image 1Philosophy Teapot (120ml)
Product image 2Philosophy Teapot (120ml)
Product image 3Philosophy Teapot (120ml)
Product image 4Philosophy Teapot (120ml)
Product image 5Philosophy Teapot (120ml)

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Teapot Phrase

The practice of preparing and brewing tea is a calm, meditative experience. A little brief moment when all of your worries are put aside, and you focus on the tea that's in front of you.

On the side of this smooth, luxurious looking 120ml, porcelain teapot from Jingdezhen is a hand-painted phrase. 

Option 1:
茶如人生 (Translation: 
Tea is like life)

Option 2:
(Translation: To appreciate tea is to appreciate life)

Something for you to ponder as you pour out the perfect infusion of your favourite tea.


A little about Jingdezhen:
Jingdezhen is a city in Jiangxi province, China. Known as the porcelain capital, the city has been producing Chinese ceramics for at least 1000 years and, for much of that period, Jingdezhen porcelain was the most important and finest quality in China (Source: Wikipedia

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