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Wuyi Rock Tea Sample Pack

Wuyi Rock Oolong

Product image 1Wuyi Rock Tea Sample Pack
Product image 2Wuyi Rock Tea Sample Pack
Product image 3Wuyi Rock Tea Sample Pack
Product image 4Wuyi Rock Tea Sample Pack
Product image 5Wuyi Rock Tea Sample Pack
Product image 6Wuyi Rock Tea Sample Pack

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Type: Wuyi Rock Oolong Tea 
Origin: Wuyi Mountains, Fujian China
Yellow Rose, Stone Orchid, Rou Gui, Notorious DHP (AKA Da Hong Pao)

Wuyi Rock tea is a unique type of oolong tea that is only produced in the Wuyi Mountains which have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for cultural, scenic, and biodiversity values since 1999. Teas grown in this region are known for their "rocky" mineral characteristics or "Yan Yun". 

We've put together samples of our Wuyi Rock tea range to give you a quick and easy introduction to this unique style of oolong tea. We have carefully curated the range to show the breadth and depth of Rock oolong teas.

All four teas in the pack are processed using traditional methods that impart, not only a deep roasted characteristic, but also better brings out the natural sweetness and qualities of the teas. 


Yellow Rose (Huang Mei Gui) – Light Roast

A lighter, more delicate style of Wuyi Rock Tea that’s well balanced, sweet and floral. For those unfamiliar with Rock Oolong tea, it serves as a great introduction to this style of tea.

Stone Orchid (Qi Lan) – Medium Roast

Stone Orchid is made from the lesser known Qi Lan cultivar and is a lighter type of Wuyi Rock tea, with this particular one having a medium roast level. It has sweet, fruity flavour notes of mangosteen, with light floral undertones and a lightly toasted aroma.

Rou Gui – Medium Roast

A deeply warming, complex and balanced tea that combines the mineral-like qualities that characterise Rock Teas with a roasted, slightly spicy and floral after-taste that hits you at the back of your tongue. As you continue to steep and re-steep the tea, an increasing sweetness begins to develop. 

Notorious DHP (Da Hong Pao) – Heavy Roast 

Made from a blend of the Shui Xian, Rou Gui and Huang Guan Yin (aka Yellow Goddess) cultivars. Our Da Hong Pao blend has been given a heavier bake, giving this tea deeper roasted notes, but not too roasted that it tastes burnt. The  characteristic Wuyi Rock tea wet-stone minerality is mixed with earthy, cacao flavour notes, finishing off with a light, floral aftertaste.


The best way to enjoy Wuyi Rock tea is using the traditional Gongfu brewing such as Gaiwan or Yixing tea pot. We recommend using a greater leaf to water ratio, quicker steeps and brewing the tea at higher temperatures (approx. 93 degrees)However, all of these teas still tastes great when brewed in a teapot, western style.

Gaiwan Gong-Fu style (preferred method)

Leaf weight 4g per 60 – 100ml of water
 93 – 95 degrees Celsius
 10 – 15 secs per infusion* (up to 8 infusions)

*First infusion is a quick 3 – 5 sec rinse and isn't drunk.


Oolong teapot Teapot steep

Leaf weight 5g per 300ml of water
Water temperature 93 – 95 degrees Celsius
Time 2.5 – 3mins (2 – 3 infusions)

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