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Tea Flight Pack (+ Virtual Tea Meetups)

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$59.00 AUD

These are unprecedented times we're now going through. And unprecedented times call for unprecedented events.

Virtual Tea Meetups 

Having to temporarily close our tea studio was a bit of a bummer but, we're not letting that get us down. If tea lovers can't drop in for a session at the studio then, we'll bring the sessions to tea lovers via Instagram Live and Zoom. This tea pack covers a range of our teas and has been put together to allow all tea lovers out there to join in on our Virtual Tea Meetups.


10x 10g tea samples
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White Tea – White Peony

Green Tea – Wuping Green Tea

Oolong Tea – Rising Dawn (Bai Ya Qi Lan)
                    – Yellow Rose (Rock Tea)
                    – Phoenix Honey Orchid (Dancong)
                    - Aged Phoenix Gardenia (Dancong)

Red (Black) Tea – Crimson Dusk (Bai Ya Qi Lan Hong Cha)
                            – Old Tree Red (Dian Hong)

Pu'er Tea – Ice Breaker 2019 (Raw Pu'er)
                 – Bulang Brick 2014 (Ripe Pu'er) 


Each week, we'll hold live tea sessions to taste and discuss the different tea categories and also, to hang out with other like-minded tea folk. Everyone that purchases the pack will get an invite to a Zoom room, where we can all interact and connect with each other (and brew tea together).

For international customers, we'll also record the sessions and upload the video onto our YouTube channel as well (or you might get it in time for some of the Live sessions!).

Live tea sessions will be held once a week, from Sun 5th April. We will notify you by email when the next live session will occur.


First live session
Sun 5th April 2020, 11:00AM (AEST) 

White / Green Tea

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