The Glamourous Mum – Black Tea and Artisan Chocolate Gift Pack – Tea Angle
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The Glamourous Mum – Black Tea and Artisan Chocolate Gift Pack

Type: Tea Angle

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A combination for the “Glamourous Mothers” out there. The mothers that are full of charm, excitement and are the life of the party; the ones that aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Introducing: Honey Orchid Red Black Tea

A unique Black tea made from leaves that were destined to be an Oolong tea, but instead, were processed as a Black tea. The result is a tea that has the aroma and complexity of a great Oolong, with the depth and body of a Chinese Black tea. It's a Black tea that stands up above the rest.

Honey Orchid Red + Persian Summer

A glamourous combination, with both the tea and chocolate enhancing the flavours of each other. The floral notes of the Turkish Delight in the Persian Summer Milk Chocolate really comes through and is enhanced by the sweet and fruity characteristics of the tea, leaving you with a long, lingering and dare we say, “glamourous” flavour sensation that you will long remember.

Honey Orchid Red + Orange Pecan

The fruity notes of the Honey Orchid Red tea once again pairs extremely well with the orange and fruity notes of this chocolate. When paired together, the fruity notes from both tea and chocolate are greatly enhanced, with the Black tea smoothly cutting through the richness of the milk chocolate.

A glamourous mother needs glamourous flavour combinations to charm and excite.

We've partnered with Sweet Pea & Poppy to bring you these special packs. A Canberra based boutique chocolatier and gifting studio established by a passionate mother daughter duo, the chocolate range includes only ethically produced chocolate, currently focussed on Latin American and Caribbean origins.

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