The Fierce Mum – Rock Oolong and Artisan Chocolate Gift Pack – Tea Angle
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The Fierce Mum – Rock Oolong and Artisan Chocolate Gift Pack

Type: Tea Angle

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A fierce combination for the “Fierce mothers”. The mothers that are fighters, that want and expect nothing but the best from themselves and from their families. The mothers that when things get tough, they roll up their sleeves and get on with it, never giving up.

Introducing: Yellow Rose Rock Oolong Tea

A unique type of Oolong tea known as “Rock Oolong” and comes from the northern part of Fujian Province, China. It’s a well-balanced tea with a mineral-like quality, a light floral aroma and hints of spice. 

Yellow Rose + Smoked Chilli Dark Chocolate

When paired with the Smoked Chilli Dark Chocolate however, the hints of spice in the tea boosts the heat in the chilli, creating an explosive flavour burst unlike any other. A fierce flavour combo for the Fierce mum.

Yellow Rose + Berry Amaretti

On the other hand, the pairing of Yellow Rose and the Berry Amaretti White Chocolate is a little more subdued, with the smooth texture of the tea cutting through the richness of the berry and white chocolate combination. 

A pairing of contrasts to represent both facets of the Fierce mum. Behind the strong, tough, fighter exterior lies a softer, gentler more nurturing side that simply wants what’s best for her family.

We've partnered with Sweet Pea & Poppy to bring you these special packs. A Canberra based boutique chocolatier and gifting studio established by a passionate mother daughter duo, the chocolate range includes only ethically produced chocolate, currently focussed on Latin American and Caribbean origins.

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