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Qin Quan (秦權) 150ml

Zisha Teaware

Product image 1Qin Quan (秦權) 150ml
Product image 2Qin Quan (秦權) 150ml
Product image 3Qin Quan (秦權) 150ml
Product image 4Qin Quan (秦權) 150ml
Product image 5Qin Quan (秦權) 150ml
Product image 6Qin Quan (秦權) 150ml
Product image 7Qin Quan (秦權) 150ml

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Capacity: Approx 150ml
Zisha Type: Lao Duan Ni
Artist: Wu Xing Fen (吳行芬)
Recommended tea: Black tea and Oolong Teas, both strip (e.g. Honey Orchid Dancong) and rolled (e.g. Rising Dawn)

Emperor Qin Shi Huang of the Qin Dynasty (221 – 206 BC), the first emperor of a unified China was responsible for standardising systems for writing, currency, weights and measures, all of which were crucial in his goal of unifying China into one empire. Official steelyard weights were used as standards of weight measurement and its these weights that has served as the inspiration for the shape of the Qin Quan zisha teapot. 

A classic zisha teapot design, this particular teapot is made from a slightly rougher type of clay, giving it an interesting feel and texture. The teapot has a heftier feel, inline with the steelyard weight that served as the inspiration for this shape, and the vertical proportions providing plenty of room for the tea leaves to move and dance, resulting in a more balanced and even extraction.

Usage and care:
Rinse and season the teapot before use. Here's a quick guide to show you how. As the clay is porous and teapot is unglazed, dedicate one tea type per pot (or if you wish to take it to the next level, dedicate only one tea per pot). Hand-wash only with water and NEVER EVER wash with soap or detergent. The last thing you want is soapy suds flavouring your next brew.

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