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Mei Ren Jian (美人肩) 110ml

Zisha Teaware

Product image 1Mei Ren Jian (美人肩) 110ml
Product image 2Mei Ren Jian (美人肩) 110ml
Product image 3Mei Ren Jian (美人肩) 110ml
Product image 4Mei Ren Jian (美人肩) 110ml
Product image 5Mei Ren Jian (美人肩) 110ml
Product image 6Mei Ren Jian (美人肩) 110ml
Product image 7Mei Ren Jian (美人肩) 110ml

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Bonus 50g box of tea or, 50g of Pu'erh tea 
Let us know in the notes which tea you’d like to receive, or, we’d be happy to pick one for you. Either way, you’ll be getting an amazing tea to brew with your special new Zisha teapot. Promo ends Sun 18 Dec 2022


Capacity: Approx 110ml
Zisha Type: Xiao Hong Ni (小紅泥)
Artist: Jiang Pan Jun (蔣盤君)
Recommended tea: Dancong Oolong tea and small leaves black tea.

Her size is small, but her presence commanding. Her stature poised with grace and humility. She doesn't seek attention, yet no one can look away. Slender, elegant and mysterious – just who is the lady in red? 

The Mei Ren Jian (美人肩) is a classic style Zisha teapot. The name translates to a "beauty's shoulder." The slender elegance of this style of teapot matches well with an elegant gong-fu tea brewing session. Made from Xiao Hong Ni, this pot works particularly well with more aromatic styles of tea like Dancong or Taiwanese Oolong teas.

Usage and care:
Rinse and season the teapot before use. Here's a quick guide to show you how. As the clay is porous and teapot is unglazed, dedicate one tea type per pot (or if you wish to take it to the next level, dedicate only one tea per pot). Hand-wash only with water and NEVER EVER wash with soap or detergent. The last thing you want is soapy suds flavouring your next brew.

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